2011 Wrestling Tournament Summaries

2011 Mayhem in Memphis

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011


2011 Amarillo Nationals

Saturday, Dec. 3, 2011

Layne Hatcher, 1st Place
Jackson Marchant, 1st Place
Michael Crockett, Jr., 3rd Place
Nick Noel, 3rd place
Cooper Griffin, 4th Place

2011 Bedlam in Bentonville

Saturday, December 3, 2011 – RESULTS

Rhett Noel, Div. II 55 lbs. 1st Place & Quickest Pins
Riley Noel, Div. III 60 lbs. 1st Place & Most Pins
Dylan Allison, Div. III 90 lbs. 1st Place & Quickest & Most Pins
Collin Coats, Div. III 100 lbs. 2nd place
Riley Noel, Div. IV 60 lbs., 1st Place & Most Pins
Douglas Braswell, Div. IV 75 lbs., 1st Place & Most Pins
Jimmy Noel, Div. IV 90 lbs., 1st Place
Matthew Winston, Div. IV 100 lbs., 1st Place & Most Pins
Tyler Turner, Div. IV 115 lbs., 1st Place Most Pins & Quickest Pins
Jimmy Noel, Div. V 90 lbs., 1st Place
Jordan Cope, Div. V 110 lbs., 2nd Place
Tyler Turner, Div. V 115 lbs., 3rd Place
Paul Owens, Jr. Div. III, 60 lbs., 4th Place
Caleb Winston, Div. III, 60 lbs., 3rd Place
Luke Braswell, Div. III, 60 lbs., 5th Place

2011 Westmoore Open

Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011

Michael Crockett, Jr. Div. IV 92 lbs. 1st Place
Collin Coats, Div. II 75 lbs. 1st Place
Layne Hatcher, Div. IV 100 lbs. 1st Place
Layne Hatcher, Div. V 102 lbs. 2nd place

2011 Cliff Keen Tulsa Nationals

In the Nations Toughest Tournament the Bluebirds entered 10 wrestlers in the open division and 2 in Novice.The Bluebirds lost all 10 opening round matches in the open and then won 7 in a row in the second round.At the end of day 1 we had 3 wrestlers left in the open and 2 in the Novice. In addition to the toughest competition with wrestlers from over 40 states most of our wrestlers are in their younger year of two year age brackets which makes it even harder to compete. That one year of maturity often makes a difference when the competition is this fierce.  Good job, Bluebirds!
Congratulations, Layne Hatcher received All-American, 6th Place!

2011 Cotton Bowl NationalsAllen Event Center
200 East Stacy Road, Allen, TX  75002DATE: FRIDAY-SATURDAY—January 7-8th, 2011

Seth Spataro wins Cotton Bowl Nationals with a fan heated 9-8 bloody victory.
He will now put his name up on the National Championship Wall!Layne Hatcher wins Back to Back Cotton Bowl Nationals with a 7 to 2 victory against a very strong wrestler.

The Bluebirds sent 20 wrestlers to this prestigious tournament.  They came away with 2 Champions, Jackson Marchant and Joshua Ayliffe 3rd Place, Michael Crockett Jr. and Richard Buzzitta finished 5th.

Others wrestlers competing included Cooper Griffin, Cameron Boardman, Hunter Jones, Collin Coats, Jakob Beene, Dregen Smith, and Braden Zini in a very tough National Tournament.