2006 Wrestling Tournament Summaries

November 25, 2006

Memphis Tournament

Two Mighty Bluebird wrestlers had a very impressive showing in the first tournament the Bluebirds had ever entered. The first matches for both Layne Hatcher and Jackson Marchant wrestled in the 3rd to 5th grade age division despite being 1st and 3rd graders respectively. Layne Hatcher went 2-2 and Jackson Marchant went 1-2 as they got their feet wet in wrestling. These were very respectable finishes and they are just getting started.

December 2nd, 2006

Dragon’s Elementary School Wrestling Tournament

Mighty Bluebird wrestlers had a very impressive showing for just wrestling now only a couple of weeks. Tristian Nelson was the champion in the 65 pound weight division going 3-0 with 3 pins. Layne Hatcher finished 2nd in the 70 pound weight class with two wins and one loss including one win by a pin and another 14-1 superior decision. Jackson Marchant finished in 2nd place in his 73 pound class with two wins and one loss with both wins coming by a pin. A new star was born when Joshua Ayliffe placed 2nd in the 55 pound class with two wins by decision and one loss. Joshua Best continued to show his improvement losing his first two matches, but recording two pins in his last two matches to finish the tournament at 2-2 for a 4th place finish.

December 16, 2006

Oklahoma Tournament

The Mighty Bluebirds decided to see how high the bar is raised nationally when they went into the toughest area of the country to wrestle…Oklahoma. With the gym completely packed full and wrestlers completely covering every inch of the mat approximately 1,000 wrestlers wrestled in the tournament. The wrestlers were so impressive that even Coach Hatcher was shocked. Tristian Nelson finished in the Runner-Up position with 23 wrestlers in his weight class at the 65 pound class. Layne Hatcher followed Tristian’s performance with a Runner-up finish at 70 pounds with 19 wrestlers in his weight class and Jackson Marchant also finished in the Runner-Up position with 10 wrestlers in his 75 pound weight class. The fact that the Bluebirds have only been wrestling for just about a month to be able to go in and compete with Oklahoma wrestlers who have been wrestling in most cases for a couple of years was very impressive. The Bluebirds made an impression on the Oklahoma wrestlers as they landed three of the four wrestlers that they took event in the finals. Our fourth wrestler, Austin Blair was wrestling his first matches ever in heavy weight with less than a weeks practice.