Baseball Info



The Mighty Bluebird Baseball Team is a travel team that is not affiliated with any league. The Bluebirds schedule games with anybody that wants to play them whether they are their age or older. In addition, the Bluebirds enter tournaments throughout the year so that they can coordinate the schedule as needed. The Bluebird baseball team tries to stay off holidays when playing in tournaments, but at the same time it has been formed to develop players who will play at the college level some day.

Registration Fees

Registration fees typically run $150 per player.

Mighty Bluebirds Practices

The Mighty Bluebird baseball practice will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. at Mighty Bluebird Field. (practice times are subject to change, please call 375-3737 and speak with Shannon) The practices are run by Coach Bruce Dickey, a former college and high school Hall of Fame Coach, and Greg Hatcher, former college player and coach.

What to pack for Baseball Tournaments?

When you go to a baseball tournament your child will need both uniforms with them at all times, all his baseball equipment, and a water jug and healthy snacks.

Equipment & Uniforms

All players are expected to purchase their own gloves, cleats, and bats. The Mighty Bluebirds will sell each player a white uniform, a blue uniform, a white and blue hat, blue baseball belt, blue socks, warm up jacket, sleeves, and bat bag. The uniform will be the players to keep and it’s their investment in the team. The total cost for all uniforms is $250. Should you lose any part of your uniform replacements can be purchased in the Pro Shop. If you have trouble coming up with the money please see a coach to work out a payment plan.

Baseball Tournaments

The Bluebirds will play primarily Arkansas based tournaments, but may travel out of state from time to time. All tournament entry fees are picked up by Mighty Bluebird Organisation.

The Very Best Facilities

The Mighty Bluebirds have their own baseball field equipped with a press box to announce the starting lineups. We also have our own indoor facility equipped with 4 batting cages and a pitching area.


You will receive a Mighty Bluebird newsletter each month that outlines all of the different Mighty Bluebird sports. We have wrestling, football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Shannon Wooley is the coordinator for all Mighty Bluebird activities and you can reach her at or at The Hatcher Agency at 501-375-3737 or on her cell phone number at 501-259-9497

Coaching Fees

There are no coaching fees when playing for the Mighty Bluebirds, which is a huge advantage. This is probably our greatest value considering we have the most qualified coaches who are well paid, but all of these costs are absorbed by the Mighty Bluebird Organisation.