Mighty Bluebird Facilities

Mighty Bluebird Country includes regulation soccer and baseball fields as well as gymnasiums for basketball and wrestling. Click here for for driving directions to Mighty Bluebird Country.

The Very Best Facilities

The Bluebird facilities simply are the best available in Arkansas and throughout most of the country for an amateur facility not associated with a High School or College.  The Bluebird facilities include a basketball gym, a wrestling gym, a baseball field, two soccer fields, a press box, an indoor hitting facility, Championship Hill for the kids to run, and a Pro Shop.  Providing the kids with the best facilities and the best coaching is certainly instrumental in helping our kids be the best they can be.


Mighty Bluebird field is equipped with a press box so we can announce the starting lineups before games to give the kids a special thrill.  In addition, a team room, a locker room for the kids, a soccer kickback wall, a scoreboard, and two full-size soccer fields along with an additional practice field. Mighty Bluebird field was designed to give girls and boys a chance to have the best practice facilities in order to make them the best players. More importantly, it will give all the kids on the Bluebird team and their opponents one of the best soccer

experiences they can have as young children. The national anthem will be played before games, the scoreboards will keep track of shots and goals scored as well as displaying the running time during the games. Finally, the highlight of any young child is to have the starting lineups introduced over the PA system as they run on the field. All of this will be a part of the game at Mighty Bluebird field.


The Mighty Bluebird Gym was completed in August 2001,
and was designed for indoor soccer and to let the Mighty Bluebird Basketball team have a gym for practices and games. The gym is also used for other purposes, such as having parties for the Mighty Bluebirds and hosting motivational speakers for the teams and parents.

The gym has a collegiate sized wood floor that displays the Mighty Bluebird mascot and logo. Also included is a trophy case that runs the width of the gym. The trophy case was built large in the hopes that the Bluebirds would fill it up with awards, and they are doing it very quickly!


The Mighty Bluebirds have their own baseball field equipped with a press box to announce the starting lineups.  We also have our own indoor facility equipped with four batting cages and a pitching area.


The AWA Wrestling Facility is one of the top facilities in the country with a state-of-the art locker room/sauna, weight lifting and conditioning facility, as well as one of the largest wrestling rooms in the country.

The wrestling facility includes a weight lifting and conditioning room that features all fitness equipment needed for wrestling, a technique video lounge will be available for match review. A library of technique videos will be available. In addition, a pro shop will be available with all Brute-Adidas apparel. Items include singlets, wrestling shoes, knee pads, headgear, technique videos, posters, and clothing.