How it all began

It all started with the Mighty Bluebird Soccer Program in 1994 when Coach Hatcher coached a group of five year olds who decided to name their team the Mighty Bluebirds.  From that season on the Mighty Bluebirds have dominated youth soccer in Arkansas winning 20 of the 21 State Titles they were eligible to play in.  The Mighty Bluebirds soccer team has won over 88% of all games played whether they were playing up an age group or not.  It got to the point it was so hard to get teams to play the Bluebirds that the girl’s team started playing boys teams and we got to the point where we had to enter tournaments for the majority of our games as no girls teams wanted to play the Bluebirds.  At one point some of the Bluebirds teams got so successful that we had 21 consecutive games canceled in a row by rival clubs because they simply did not want to play.  The Bluebirds are the only program to have a team reach the #1 Ranking in the Nation and it’s occurred twice, once with our U11 Mighty Bluebird Girls Black team and once with our U9 Mighty Bluebird Boys teams.  All of our teams have been ranked #1 in the State and #1 in the Region at some point or for the majority of their experience.

“There is no off switch on a Mighty Bluebird”

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Greg Hatcher’s Books 

The book 55 Steps to Outrageous Service explains how Greg’s attitude led to the formation of one of the most successful agencies in America in such a short period of time. The Hatcher Agency was started on September 1, 1990 based on the premise of “Outrageous Service.” The Hatcher Agency’s mission was to deliver “Outrageous Service” to customers doing virtually everything at the customer’s convenience versus the company’s convenience. 

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This book has a sports focus and is designed to teach children (and even adults) to think like champions. Greg Hatcher has been coaching sports since the day he graduated from college in 1983. This book focuses on the mental aspects of sport that can help kids and their parents have a more successful sporting experience. Hatcher combines everything he’s learned from working with kids in all these sports to help them be the best that they can be.

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